Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County
Nuture Your Spirit.  Help Heal Our World
Connections Groups
Some six to twelve members or friends
usually meet for about two hours once a
month at the Fellowship to share ideas,
opinions and feelings in a supportive, fun,
casual environment.
 The members
choose a discussion topic and designate
a facilitator. Most groups also perform one
service project a year.
 (Wendy Griffith
Coffee Committee
Members and friends volunteer to help prepare
for and clean-up after the social time each
Sunday.  This is an enjoyable activity that helps
us get to know others.  Volunteers are
scheduled to serve a specific Sunday about
once every two months.
(Wendy Griffith
The Caring Committee
We support and care for members and friends
experiencing crisis, illness or other difficulties.
We make visits,telephone calls, cards, meals,
transportation, shopping, community resources
etc.  We also help organize memorial services
and receptions. In the absence of family, we act
as liaison between the member or friend and
(Yolanda Brod
Philosophers’ Den
We meet every Friday at 10 a.m. .
Generally, we view a video on some
interesting philosophy topic and follow
with a lively discussion.  We often use a
video from The Teaching Company.

(Robert "Luigi" Ridgard, rridgard@yahoo.
Spinoza's Lens Science Club
We meet every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. to
pursue a variety of topics under the
broad umbrella of science.    Join us
whether or not you are of a scientific
bent.  You are bound to be educated and
(Peggy Wolfson,
At 6:00 p.m. on the second Friday of
every month, we view a movie and have
some snacks with friends. There is no
charge, but we do ask people to bring
snacks to share. The video usually
relates to UU concepts.
(Robert "Luigi"
Ridgard, rridgard@yahoo.com)
Communications Committee
An emailed Weekly Update and the monthly
print Uni-verse tell members and friends of
recent accomplishments and scheduled
events. Our Web site explains who we are, our
beliefs and what we do.  
(Dick Chady,
Audio Visual Committee
We handle the AV needs for each service and
many events at UUFMC.  We make sure the
microphones work, adjust loudness and handle
video switching.  
(Robert "Luigi" Ridgard,
Buildings and Grounds Committee
In general, we manage the services to the
building, such as heating, cooling and water,
plus the lawn, driveway and other elements
(Bill Denison, abcdenison@yahoo.com
and Dick Bassette, dick.bassette@gmail.com)
Travel Club
Each year we choose an interesting
cruise (or other vacation) to enjoy
travel with friends.   Past destinations
included Central America, the
Caribbean and the Black Sea for a
Danube cruise.  We plan a cruise from
Montreal, around Nova Scotia and
returning to Ft. Lauderdale in the fall of
(Carolyn Denison,
Book Club
We meet at 1:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday
of the month to discuss either fiction or
non-fiction. Participants volunteer to
facilitate discussing a book they enjoyed.
(Andrea Coburn,
The Social Justice Committee  
We put our UU principles into action locally
and add our voices as witness to these values
in the larger world community. With monthly
meetings, the committee collects and delivers
donated clothing, food, etc. to local agencies
for the needy.
We publicize current issues of inequity and
suggests appropriate action. The committee
facilitates participation in events such as
Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorations.
We support social witness initiatives approved
by the UUA General.
(Andrea Coburn,
Clubs and Activities
Interior Space Committee
We work to maintain an attractive, pleasant and
useful space in the Fellowship Hall.  
Finance Committee
Works with the treasurer to plan the annual
budget, monitors expenses and makes
recommendations to the board of trustees.  
Coburn, billcoburn@thevillages.net)
Humanist Group
We meet every third Tuesday at 12:30
p.m. to pursue a variety of topic of
interest to those who subscribe to a  
naturalistic world view.  Join us whether  
you think you are a humanist or not.  
Zannelli, RBZanelli@aol.com)